Traditional Croissants

Buttery and flaky croissants are a great start to your morning.  They also makes a delicious sandwich or can be served on it's own as a great dinner roll!

$10/half dozen

Maple Croissants

The house specialty- Jessie's signature pastry!  A sweet, flaky croissant infused with The Shire Cottage Bakery's homemade maple butter throughout and finished with a sprinkle of granulated maple sugar.  Makes a sweet treat for sandwiches or on its own!

$12/half dozen

Maple White Chocolate
Coconut Croissants

A play on the house specialty- a maple croissant filled with white chocolate and coconut and covered with the same!

$18/half dozen

Chocolate Croissants
Maple Peanut Butter and Chocolate Croissants
Maple Praline Croissants

A butter and flaky croissant with melted gooey chocolate in the center.

$12/half dozen

Peanut butter, chocolate, and maple all in one delicious croissant.

$18/half dozen

Maple Croissants with a Pecan Praline filling inside.

$14/half dozen

Strawberry and Nutella Croissants
Lemon Filled Croissants

Traditional croissant dough filled with Nutella and strawberry jam with even more Nutella drizzled over the top!

$18/half dozen

Traditional croissants filled with fresh homemade lemon curd.

$18/half dozen